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Jonny bought his first bass guitar aged 12, but it was dropping the amplifier on the floor, and hearing the crazy reverberations it made, that introduced him to the wild possibilities of sound. He has always been an active listener – soaking up experiences that range from the complex syncopations of bell-ringing at Blagdon church near Bristol, playing in bands, to interning at Philip Glass’ studio in New York. His eclectic background brings unpredictable musical worlds, as well as a diverse technical toolkit, to a project. A curious and empathetic approach helps him find the right tone: a coherent blend of music and sound that layers up the emotional impact of a film. His ability to ‘compose from the heart’, and a talent to work out what’s best for a film, has distilled itself into RTS awards and a string of high-profile credits for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and a host of international broadcasters such as Discovery, Disney, National Geographic, 5, and MTV. 

Alongside his musical commissions, Jonny’s company, Abstract Audio, offers bespoke, intelligently interesting sound design. 

Jonny has also collaborated with Danish singer, Sophie Tusnelda-George. Together they formed the band, Drøm.  Sophie sadly passed away in 2020;  the tracks on this website are a tribute to her memory.

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